Drone gimbals are becoming more and more prevalent today, professionals and hobbyist are living their dreams since the inception of this technology. But if you are still wondering what is a drone gimbal? You need not worry. This article will sort out your basic understanding of drone gimbals. So, the first question is; what is a drone gimbal?

A drone gimbal is an electronic device built with one or in some cases more than one, that can stable in vertical positions in any moving environment giving you stable and crystal clear photos and videos. Anyone can fly them with relative ease because of their ergonomics. Also know how gimbal works for drone and from where to buy them.

It is important to understand that drones move in the air which leaves it explored to the wild and unpredictable nature, even the slightest gust of wind can curb the enjoyment of shooting by turning amazing footage into a shaken one. Hence, the role of the gimbal becomes crucial as they stabilize the camera despite any external pressure. Therefore, Take a look at the best and the cheapest 3-axis gimbal drone. I have tried to highlight the striking features, pros, and cons of the gimbal for the drone to sum up the package or deal available to the buyers. 


TAROT 3D V Metal 3-axis : 

This gimbal for drones has been appreciated by many top professionals for its flawless shooting variance. This gimbal is specially designed for GOPRO 5 OR higher camera models. The features of this gimbal justify its price.

Tarot tl3505 gimbal


  • This gimbal for drones is equipped with a super smart and innovative feature which is “controlled rotation speed”. 
  • TAROT TLCT05 gimbal for a drone is capable and can effectively support pan mode and first–person view mode.
  • Another striking feature is the “Integrated mount control module”, which allows the user to try different mounting styles depending on the shooting mode.
  • It also has “Precise engine control” for the smooth transition of video and photos.


  • This gimbal by TAROT  is “Lightweight and durable”.
  • This gimbal for drones is portable and easy to carry.


  • It doesn’t support video output.
  • The assembly of the gimbal could have been more robust.


This gimbal for the drone by DJI Mavic mini tech weighs 11.2 ounces and its dimensions are3.3*5.2*3.9 inches. It works fine with most action cameras including GoPro and DJI which certainly makes it an ideal choice. The high-grade brushless motor ensures that you get smooth footage despite the movement.  

dji mavic mini gimbal


DJI Mavic Mini has just increased the standard of the gimbal for drones by introducing the new ‘Six anti-vibration rubber bolts’ on the mountable unit for better and steady footage.

The gimbal is also equipped with Motion tracking.


  • It is Lightweight and portable.


  • The firmware of the gimbal gets obsolete very soon and has limited accessibility features.
  • The gimbal has no BUILT-IN APPS, which is a kind of a drawback.


As the name suggests this gimbal for the drone was specially designed for DJI’S  cameras only but thanks to the extended support you can use it with the GoPro Hero series and a few other action cameras as well. Also check out best GoPro Gimbals. This gimbal H4-3D is pre-calibrated and programmed for professional and amazing footage. The 3-axis brushless motor is capable to adjust itself according to the direction of pitch and roll, letting the camera tilt. 

dji zenmuse x5


  • The gimbal is introduced with branded DJI ZENMUSE technology.
  • The gimbal by DJI lack cross-platform technology, which makes it outdated.
  • It is made up of a lightweight aluminum alloy which endorses the gimbal’s good quality.


  • The company provides Free firmware updates to the users.
  • The Integrated inertial measurement unit is precise. And it comes very hand when shooting under dark or no light.


  • The gimbal can’t be used with the earlier GoPro version.
  • The gimbal by DJI  posses no GCU for extended compatibility


This gimbal is a blessing for those who seek perfect aerial photography and videography.  It is designed to give a smooth transition of video, without any disturbance of the motor noise. This gimbal guarantees stability, Ultra HD videos, and works perfectly fine almost with every action camera by allowing powerful control over the footage.

solo 3dr gimbal


  • It has been built with an innovative compact design, which makes the gimbal for drones very striking and exciting.
  • This gimbal has a dedicated application to change modes.
  • It can efficiently replay with smart pictures application.


  • The gimbal makes no motor noise while functioning.
  • The automatic and smooth configuration allows shaken proof and blur-free footage.
  • It also automatic/assisted landing and take-off which distinguishes it from other competing gimbals for drones in the market.


  • The only drawback of this gimbal is its heavy and large batteries.
  • The mounting process of the gimbal is also very complicated.


For those who want to shoot with GOPRO HEROES OR DJI Drones, this 3-axis gimbal is a perfect match for them. This gimbal for drones is specially designed for DJI cameras but it works amazingly with GoPro cameras namely HERO 6, 6+,7,8. This gimbal has a controlled tilt angel and integrated IMU so that the fly stays under the control. This is the cheapest gimbal for drones available which can let you enter and explore the world of creativity.

dji zenmuse


  • This gimbal is one of the cheapest Gimbal for drones at just $100. 
  • This gimbal is also equipped with an “Integrated IMU module”.
  • This gimbal has brushless motors.
  • This gimbal also includes “GPS FUNCTION ASSIST”.


  • Cheapest gimbal for a drone at just $100.


  • Limited compatibility


Coming with a radiant coloured white body this gimbal can be connected with a variety of cameras including Sony, DJI, GO PRO, or ILOOK ETC. This gimbal has been designed with a 2-axis rotor MES GYRO and MEMS Accelerometer rotor allowing it to shoot even at high speeds. This gimbal requires no calibration means it’s ready to use the moment you take it out of the box. It is a decent pick for those who want an inexpensive 2-axis drone gimbal that is easy to use and also gives smooth footage.

walkera g-2d


  • Affordable and stable
  • Supports aux video outputs
  • Supports initial pitch angles


  • Special protection against short circuits
  • Lightweight


  • The gimbal is completely made from plastic material, which makes it fragile.
  • There is no detailed manual provided to the users for the setup application.


The 3-axis  anti-vibration design of the TYPHOON HC G03+ gimbal for drones is capable of capturing4K HIGH-quality videos. This gimbal provides good stability and incredible shots for recording high-altitude videos.

yuneec typhoon gimbal


  • 3-axis anti-vibration built
  • Compact and classic design
  • 4k video quality


  • Lightweight and  portable
  • Shock and water-resistant


  • Required an additional battery


This brushless gimbal is the most used in aerial photography and videography as it is one of the cheapest and advanced gimbal with a built-in IMU module which gives outstanding stability even when the drone is flying at a higher speed. This gimbal for drone tarot t2-2d is compatible with engine protection from drive short circuit.  The sensitivity and 3D-positioning can also be adjusted by the user which allows footage to be more smooth and also providing the option to connect it to the different transmitters to operate and control different start and camera angles. This gimbal is compatible with almost every drone and camera including GoPro.

tarot t2-2d gimbal


  • Faster and easier firmware update
  • Fully programmable with a USB port
  • Wide range of movement


  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight


  • No gyroscope
  • Not suitable for film making

What are factors to consider before selecting a gimbal for the drone?

Since camera gimbal drone has become a necessity for capturing and shooting high-quality photos or videos. So there are certain factors to be considered while selecting any gimbal for the drone which are as follows:

  1. The first factor you need to figure out the compatibility of the gimbal because not all the gimbals will be compatible with your camera.
  2. The second crucial factor is ease of use. Some gimbals are great because they come with remote controls or joysticks. you should be able to decide the accessories required for professional and perfect photos and videos. Pay attention to the ergonomics of the gimbal.
  3. The third important factor is to decide the axis of the gimbal needed. There are generally two types of drone gimbals 2-axis and 3-axis. The former mainly pitch and roll whereas the latter one is designed to provide smooth videos on the pitch, roll, and yaw axis. The 3-axis are more expensive than the 2-axis gimbal for drones.
  4. The fourth factor would be allocating the budget of the gimbal. To be honest an expensive gimbal does not always mean it is the best one available. However, having said that no one can also deny the fact the higher the price the merrier it would be, in terms of video quality and stability.
  5. Last but not the least, is to decide whether you need a servo camera gimbal or a brushless camera gimbal.  Servo camera gimbals are lighter and cheaper in comparison to brushless camera gimbal. Brushless camera gimbals for drones tend to provide better video quality as a 3-axis gimbal has a fast and smooth movement.

Note: Price plays a pivotal role as every individual has their size of pocket and requirement.

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