Best DSLR Gimbals Stabilizers You Must Have For Perfect Results

If you are a Camera Geek you must be knowing the importance of a good Gimbal in Video production. And If you are really serious about video production you must consider to invest on a quality Gimbal rather than going for a cheap one whose durability is questionable. This Blog is aimed on identifying the Best Gimbals in the Market and Review them, and make it easier for our readers to select one for themselves.

z crane 2

Our Recommended DSLR Gimbal: Zhiyun Crane 2

The Zhiyun Crane 2 is the overall best gimbal in our evaluation. However, if you are not sure about it then the 2nd best recommendation will be Feiyutech AK4000. It is also a 3-azis gimbal but with a different approach. 

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Detailed Review of Best DSLR Gimbals

Zhiyun Crane 2

1. Zhiyun CRANE2

Zhiyun CRANE 2 is one of the most versatile and quality DSLR Gimbal that also doesn’t overcharge the customers.  Crane 2 is a 3-Axis Gimbal that provides 4 different Gimbal control modes – Lock, Pan, Following & Selfie.

This gimbal lets you make smooth footage with 360 degree rotation. Another best part of Zhiyun CRANE 2 is that you can connect your smartphone to it with bluetooth and operate the gimbal wirelessly. Check Verified customers review of Zhiyun Crane 2 to finalize your decision.

Why Zhiyun Crane 2?

  • Amazing Auto-focus offers a precision of 0.02 Degree.
  • Supports Large variety of DSLR Cameras from 1 Pounds to 7 Pounds.
  • Advanced Anti-shaking technology makes sure there is completely no shakes in the video.
  •  Great Battery backup, It can run upto 17 to 18 hours in one full charge.
  • This Gimbal acts as a Power Bank and charges your Camera when it’s batteries are dead.
  • Price is very low according to the quality provided by Zhiyun. 
  •  It Weights just 1 KG, one of the lightest Gimbals in this range.

FeiyuTech Feiyu AK4000 : 3-Axis DSLR Gimbal

2. FeiyuTech Feiyu AK4500

Feiyu AK4500 gimbal can be connected over Wi-Fi to compatible devices to control photo/video capture, focus, zoom, sensitivity adjustment, white balance, and exposure value, as well as to switch modes. At the same time, the included Feiyu ON iOS/Android app can connect to your camera via Bluetooth to set up various other parameters.

The high-precision magnetic induction knob allows control of focus, zoom, and camera movement in select operation modes of the gimbal, including pan and tilt modes. LCD touch panel for easy adjustment of follow focus, zoom, sensitivity, white balance, exposure compensation, motor speed, scene setting, and auto-rotation mode settings.


  • Suitable for many types of DSLR cameras and camera sizes.
  • Max Rotatable Range: Tilt: 360° // Roll: 320° // Pan: 360°
  • Operation Time: 12 Hours
  • Weight About: 1436g (Without battery and camera). Payload: 0.33–8.8 lbs / 150–4000g
  • Charging Time: ≥5 hours by the charger provided and the adapter 5V/3A (quick charger is banned).


  • The battery Backup is of 12 Hours, which could have been better.
  • If gimbal has small vibration, please adjust the motor dynamics setting via Feiyu on App or gimbal screen as needed.



The new Weebill lab is a great gimbal with a small form factor. It comes with a carrying case so it is easy to transport. The newly designed handle has a detachable tripod on the bottom that screws in towards the top of the gimbal so you can use it “undersling” style.

The locking tabs on each of the 3 axis motors makes balancing your camera a breeze. The handle has multiple mode switches and a nice LED screen so you can see exactly what mode you’re in. The standard package which I got came with batteries, charger, tripod, cables & case.


  • Moza Lite 2 has a very light body weight which makes it easy to carry.
  • It is used by many professionals for a reason, the video output is awesome.
  • It has an Android app through which you can control the gimbal wirelessly.
  • Versatile in the cameras it supports.


  • The Battery backup is 3-4 Hours. (Most of the Premium Professional gimbals have this as average run time).
  • The stand design could have been better.

Beholder DS1

4. BehOlder DS1

Beholder DS1  is a 3 axis handheld camera stabilizer designed for the larger DSLR and mirrorless cameras to achieve smooth, steady footage. Beholder DS1 is equipped with brushless gimbal motors to stabilize all types of movement on a tilt-and-roll axes.

It will provide incredibly smooth footage while shooting either handheld, walking, or in any situation you might find yourself. DS1 can support upto 1.7 Kg of Camera, which is a good capacity.


  • Very Versatile, you can connect almost any DSLR Camera to DS1
  • Video stability is amazing, it does its work perfectly.
  • You can connect with your smartphone using the App.
  • Great battery backup, It can run upto 15-18 Hours.


  • Balancing the camera can be tricky for most of the users, you will feel comfortable after the first time.
  • Some users find the Price is bit high.

DJI Ronin S Handheld Gimbal

5. DJI Ronin RS 2

DJI Ronin RS 2 represents a scalable ecosystem for integrating DSLR and mirrorless cameras into professional-grade workflows. The single-handed form factor of the Ronin-S lends itself to lighter cameras. But don’t let its size fool you; the Ronin-S has a lot going on under the hood. Separate modules are available for the handle and accessory docks, allowing you to customize the gimbal based on how you wish to operate it.

Customize the response of the Ronin RS 2 to fit your shooting style, Two response types can be saved and instantly recalled with a single click. Go from smooth camera movement to rapid response with the flick of a switch to be ready for any kind of shooting situation.


  • Superb video stabilization, does its work perfectly.
  • Battery Backup is pretty good and it can run upto 12 Hours, which is a good number.
  • balancing the camera is simple.
  • Supports connecting with smartphones with app.
  • Strong Gimbal Motors.


  • Limited Number of Cameras that Ronin S is fully compatible.
  • Weighs 1.8Kgs, You might feel pain if you are holding it in hand for long..

How to Select the Best Gimbal for Yourself?

Gimbal is not just the stabiliser for video but there are multiple features that you get along with it, if you don’t have much experience with Gimbals and wondering what are the things to make sure before buying a gimbal. Following are the things to make sure before buying a gimbal. 

  • 1. Weight of Gimbal – Although Gimbals doesn’t weigh much, it’s hard to keep even a pound weight for too long in hands without break. So before in vesting in a gimbal you should be aware of the wight of the device and be ready for it.​
  • 2. Axis Stabilization – There are two types of Gimbals : 2-Axis Gimbals and 3-Axis Gimbals. The 2-Axis Gimbals can stabilize your Tilt And Roll, where as 3-Axis Gimbals can stabilize Pan too. 2-Axis gimbals are mostly cost efficient but for better moving footage 3-Axis Gimbals are best.​
  • 3. Batteries – There are two models of Gimbals, one that use the normal alkali battery which needs to be changed in regular interval and others use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Among these Lithium-ion models tend to have shorter run time.​
  • 4. Software – Most Gimbals come with utility softwares Installed. make sure the gimbal you are buying is compatible with your Computer, camera and Smartphones.
  • 5. Versatility  – Make sure the gimbal you buy supports DSLR Cameras of various devices, at least check if your DSLR camera is well compatible with your camera.


What is a Gimbal & Why You need it?

Gimbal is a Device that holds the video capturing device in a given angle stably and prevent any kind of shakes in the video. You can use any video capturing devices like DSLR, GoPro or Smartphones with gimbals. The videographer needs to hold the gimbal by the handle after fixing the camera in the required angle, and the camera will automatically stable itself when your hand shakes. Below are quick points on why you should buy a Gimbal for yourself.

  • Adds Shake Free Motion to your Camera. 
  • Options for wide variety of Motions.
  • Removes your stress of holding the camera without shaking.


Before declaring our best product do note that all the above mentioned products are best choices for certain conditions and you can choose anyone of them according to your need.

We conclude that the best product in every manner is Zhiyun CRANE 2 . The experience with this gimbal is just amazing. Do try this zhiyun crane 2 gimbal for best stability and comfort.

The Feiyutech a1000 is also a runner up in this case and attracts a lots buzz whenever it’s around. All the products mentioned here are great in a way or other so don’t fall in a Selection Trap anymore. 

Thank you for reading our Guide for Best Gimbal, we would feel happy if you get an awesome gimbal for yourself and improve your video quality. For more Gimbal Related Tips and Product Reviews, keep visiting Timmodelmakers regularly.