Best Gimbal For Android For Achieving Smartphone Photography

Android Phones are the most common smartphone operating systems in the world right now and almost everyone of us who are not using iOS are surely using the Android Devices. And today this guide is dedicated to those photographers who take Smartphone Photography seriously. If you are interested in knowing the Best Gimbal for Android Devices in 2021, You are at the right place. And in case you own an iOS device, don't miss our guide on best gimbal for iPhones 2021.

It's a Known fact that the dual Camera smartphones is a good try by smartphone companies to get the Android camera one step closer to DSLR, and with some external accessories you can improve the image and footage quality. And one such equipment is Gimbal.

Our Pick

DJI Osmo 2 Gimbal

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 is a gimbal for those who are looking for a budget Gimbals for Android. DJI Osmo Mobile 2 is a 3-Axis gimbal for smartphones that supports all the iPhones upto 8 Plus (Without Cover) and almost all the Android Phones. DJI Osmo just costs about 100$ But the features it provides are unbelievable, You get 15 hours of battery backup on this device and suitably the weight of the gimbal is just 1 pound, which makes it easy for holding it in hands for long time. if you are looking for a good Working Gimbal under 100$, you can check this out on Amazon. 

More Awesome Gimbals for Android

Lanparte HHG-01

This is one of the most Efficient 3-Axis Gimbal for android Devices for a reason. The Consistency of this gimbal can be compared to the Expensive 3-Axis Gimbals of DSLR cameras. It's Really easy to balance your Smartphone in the holder and start Shooting videos without any shakes which looks professional. The Best part is that this Gimbal provides a Good value for money, It's not too expensive according to its features. You can check its Live cost in Amazon by clicking the Button below. Another reason to Choose LanParte HHG-01 is the range of devices it supports, you can use this gimbal with any iPhone, GoPro and almost any Android smartphones. 

Feiyu Vimble 2

Feiyu Vimble 2 is the latest Gimbal for Smartphones by Feiyu, a good reputed company. if you are a newbie with Gimbals this might feel comforting for you as the operations and balancing of Smartphones are easier on this device. Additionally This gimbal also supports All the Android Devices by the major companies like Samsung, MI, one Plus etc. And it's one of the kind Gimbal that also supports iPhoneX and with a additional Adapter for GoPro, You can also connect GoPro camera to this Gimbal. It's a 3-Axis Gimbal aswell that fits in the budget of most of the users. If versatility is the only concern for you to buy the Gimbal, you can trust Feiyu And go with this device.

xEVO Pro Smartphone gimbal

EVO pro is another Budget option for a Smartphone 3-Axis Gimbal that does the work pretty clean. EVO pro has a Zoom and Focus buttons through which you can operate the smartphone you have connected, this feature comes really handy to the users of Gimbal. And Like other Gimbals Listed EVO Pro is also compatible with most of the android Phones and iPhones. And with the help of additional mount you can also use GoPro with this Gimbal. And this gimbal specialises in taking panorama pictures perfectly. The battery backup of this device is said to be 12 hours, which is actually not bad for the price they offer this gimbal.

Zhiyun Smooth 4 review

Zhiyun is again one of the most reputed company in the Gimbals Industry and this product they have made is suitable for those who like to work like professionals in their videos. Zhiyun Smooth 4 is known for ultra smooth and stable video footages. It Supports all the Android Phones and GoPro cameras, as well as the buttons on the gimbal are handy and makes it easy to operate the Smartphone through those buttons. The object tracking works like charm and there is no complaint about it. Zhiyun Smooth 4 also specialises in making the Time lapse and Motion Lapse videos like professionals on your smartphone, it comes with a Tripod, so you can also choose to keep the Gimbal on group or above any object to give rest to your hands. And the best part is its available for a price range below 100$, and its surely the best Gimbal under 100$ till date.

Hope you got enriched by this guide and hopefully select the best Gimbal for Your android Device. This Guide is not biased towards any of the brands or products, But these are the best according to our research and experience. If you love photography and its Accessories, keep visiting our website for cool Updates.