DJI OSMO Mobile 2 &#8211 Review And Complete Analysis

The DJI Osmo mobile became the gimbal of alternative for numerous smartphone-based content developers, but it definitely had a few disturbing quirks and faults. With the launch of the Osmo Mobile 2, DJI made the gimbal more effective as well as much more easier to handle. The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 is cheaper and lighter than the previous version and the introduction of the DJI built-in DJI Go App makes it one heck of a deal. DJI Osmo Mobile 2 has been made from high -strength modified nylon weighing around 485g. We have done the complete analysis of this gimbal in this page, read and know before you opt to buy any gimbal.


Overall the gimbal is well packed and designed . The gimbal is accompanied by a charging cable(micro USB) that is used to charge the device. It has a battery life of around 15 hours, unless you are looking to use the gimbal for hours daily, it should last for several days between charges. The gimbal is completely Bluetooth and wi-fi compatible and once you pair your mobile phone with the device you needn’t to do it again as long as you are using the same phone.

If we talk about controlling the device DJI must be credited full marks for building a hassle-free and user friendly device. There is a multi-tasking joystick which controls just not the movement but also has a start and stop button. Device is so splendidly organized and oriented that it’s a breeze to operate the device. If you want to switch between different i.e . vertical and horizontal mode you can easily do so. There are two default setting at about 30 and 60 degrees from Landscape. USB port is on the front grip which is used for charging.

DJI osmo mobile 2 review

All the issues that were prevalent in the older versions which made DJI little odd and cumbersome has been perfectly addressed as DJI has now eliminated the need of a battery packs. the device is well designed for social platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. Therefore you wish to switch to portrait mode just simply loosen the back portion of the clamp, rotate it accordingly and you are all sorted.



Once you have installed the app a new world of creativity and accessibility awaits for you. You can quickly edit and share your stories or videos over the internet. Intelligent flight mode creates professional aerials effortlessly and capture shots that would once have required practice and training with just a few taps of your finger. The app offers a lot more control over display and colour. There are 4 video resolution modes available which are 4k 3o fps(3480*2160) , 1080p 30 fps (1920*1080) , 1080p 60 fps (1920*1080), and last but not the least 720p 30fps (1280*720). The app is unleashed with modes like slow motion, time-lapse, tracking, panoramas, etc. its one of the unique feature is active tracking. It uses object recognition to track a subject as it moves across the frame which certainly becomes very helpful while shooting home videos. Even if you are a one-person vlogger, active tracking is very useful to remain in a fixed position when you are moving around. You can lock onto a stationary target and move the camera around it. The Osmo app also supports Hyper-lapse, which is a time-lapse captured while your are moving freely and motion-lapse which allows you to set different angles in advance.

The gimbal is outstanding in terms of video stabilisation as it automatically follow the target shooting, emotionally capture the motion picture, always keep the picture stable and smooth. The tracking mode does a great job. Its default to having the subject dead center in the frame but a quick adjustment with the joystick and helps to track in the frame wherever you like. In manual mode, a quick tap of the power button will change the device into a steady mode where the camera points in the same direction all the time. 


  • It is Affordable.
  • Long life Battery and Durability.
  • Tripod socket for Mounting.
  • check
    Very Effective Stabilisation.
  • check
    Supports Android and IOS.


  • App omits 24fps capture for video.
  • Low resolution output for panoramas.
  • Internal battery isn’t replaceable.
  • Low light performance


The DJI Osmo mobile 2 is an attractive accessory for videographers, travellers, and vloggers who primarily use their smartphone for image capture, it adds Steadicam-level stabilization, and gives you the tools to capture wonderful time-lapse footage with motion. However it's not perfect due to its certain shortcoming pertaining to DJI app and video resolutions and frame rate options for videos and improved panorama. For a quality gimbal priced around $109 USD it’s a green light.

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