How Is GO PRO Karma Grip Gimbal? Good Or Bad? Detailed Review

To be honest GoPro doesn’t need any introduction as it has changed the game of video recording. And, If you are looking for a stabilizer which is able to transform some real common shots into master pieces, then you need a Go Pro Karma Grip. This product is highly rated by all tech critiques and it has now become an integral part of Go Pro camera set as this is the first 3-axis gimbal. The striking part of the gimbal is that it is very light weight and easily portable. In this article, you can read the complete analysis of Go Pro Karma grip, you should read it before you buy.

Gopro Karma Grip

It weighs only 500g and built-in battery with a backup of 1 hours and 45 minutes. The battery can be recharged by using the standard USB-C connector placed on the underside of the handle. There are 4 buttons: a power/mode button, shutter button, tilt lock button and highlight button. All the buttons are explanatory. 

There is no question that the stabilization performance is the key feature of Karma Grip’s . It’s 3 brushless motors are outstanding. it always make a smooth and stabilized image. Its motors are extremely trustful and are very well efficient to balance the shock. Even though it's an old gimbal but due to numerous firmware updates have kept improving the technology has managed to iron out the vertical movement.

The karma grip has just two shooting modes i.e. following mode and pan flow mode.
In “Following Mode” the Karma stabilizer will follow movements in the pan (L-R) and tilt axes while in “Pan Flow mode” the Karma locks the tilt axis. Interestingly it is a wearable gimbal which can be attached to a chest mount, shoulder strap or say, a bike’s handlebars. The Karma grip is compatible with Hero5 black, Hero6 black,Hero7 black and Hero4 black/silver if your purchase a hero04 harness.


  • Faster ergonomics.
  • Excellent stabilization performance.
  • Reliability and quality.


  • Price could have been a little less.
  • Battery life.
  • Lack mobile application.


The Go Pro Karma grip is one of the best gimbals around. From a pure image stabilization standpoint thanks to numbers of firmware updates. Its ergonomics are outstanding and on point creating a seamless user and video experience.
However , it is still very costly. Its battery life is significantly shorter than its competitor. So I would say its not perfect because even as a wearable gimbal it is a large and heavy process.

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