How To Set Up iPhone Gimbal – Detailed Instructions

If You have recently purchased an iPhone Gimbal then you must surely be looking for a guide to help you in setting up the Gimbal properly. Well, This blog post is all about the Detailed instructions on how to set up iPhone Gimbals for the fist time. There are certain steps that you must follow in order to set up the iPhone gimbal properly. 

Set Up Instruction

  • First step is to remove you phone casing. If you have any kind of case for your iPhone you must remove it in order to follow the next step which is to Balance the gimbal.
  • Next step is to balance the gimbal. In order to achieve the correct balance slide the smartphone in as close as possible to against the tilt axis motor. Loosen the Roll (Y) Axis Thumb Screw (which is on the back) to adjust the gravity center by sliding the horizontal arm.
  • Make sure your gimbal is correctly balanced. In order to do that follow this method -  When phone stays in level in power OFF status, it is balanced. If your gimbal woks well but FALLS in approx. one minutes or a red light at the bottom, it is Not balanced.
  • If you think that gimbal holder can put scratches on your device and want to use your iPhone with it's cover then you will need a Counterweight. It is type of an weight needed  if case or lens added on smartphone. 
  • The 3x3 Pano should be taken in wide area, or it may fail. Not following the 3x3 ration can result in destabilizing the video. 

Here is an video of setting up the DJI Osmo Mobile 2. This video will help you understand the basics of the setting up a gimbal.  

More details to be released soon. so stay tuned. 

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