Top 5 Best GOPRO Gimbal Stabilizer

In the world with imagination and scientific innovation, we bring action camera video to a whole new level. The Gimbal themselves are evolving ceaselessly today we proudly introduce G5.

A 3 Axis handheld gimbal for heroes beyond imagination. The G5 embodies our symbolic design language. Built from highly strong aluminum alloy buy precise CNC processing. for the first time unibody is bought to action camera gimbal the motor and the arm crafted from a complete piece of metal reduced conjunctions and maximize its overall collection solidness.

Here are the TOP 5 best GoPro Gimbal Stabilizer

  • FeiyuTech G5
  • Aetho Aeon
  • GoPro Karma Grip

The brushless motors dedicated to handheld gimbals achieve unprecedented quietness smoothness and power efficiency the well trusted long screw fixture secures your camera firmly and allows you to install quickly even in the dark.

It can ft GoPro HERO5, HERO4 and other action cameras of similar sizes. The all-new counterweight is introduced to adjust the gravity center for cameras of various sizes and weight. The iconic control panel incorporates a 4-way joystick and a versatile function button. A special self-timer button allows for a pleasant selfie experience. Holding the self-timer button has the camera rotates towards the user releasing it resumes it’s camera’s direction.

With HERO5’s voice control, it’s all new selfie definition. By optimizing design and processing relentlessly. The G5 is made splash Proof all over, You can enjoy surfing or a walk by the sea with your action camera and your gimbal. This is truly revolutionary the optimized software and selected power intense battery extend the G5’s runtime to the amazing 8 hours.

You can charge the G5 with a power bank via its USB port. You don’t even need backup batteries. the two 1/4 screw ports on the G5 make room form unlimited expansion with all compatible accessories to expand your ways and reach of filming. The reverse mode will inspire your low-level filming, all these enormously great features can be easily packed into a padded case for your convenient everyday carry.To know more about Best Gimbals 2019 visit the official site.

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