Zhiyun Crane 2: Unbiased Review & Analysis

If you still can't move your mouse to buy the product then this review is for you. This review is completely based on the views of verified customers of Zhiyun Crane 2. We will display all the negative and positive aspects of Zhiyun crane 2 then you will have to decide weather to go with it or not. Read the complete review to clear all the doubts left in your mind about this amazing handheld gimbal Zhiyun Crane 2.

Gimbal c;lose shot
zhiyun back side

Package contents in Zhiyun Crane 2 Box

After the Unboxing of Zhiyun crane 2 Amazon box the contents we came across are mentioned below. Knowing each content in the box is important so that you can understand the usage of each items.

  1. Zhiyun crane 2 Gimbal 
  2. Tripod For Gimbal
  3. Batteries
  4. charger for battery
  5. Required Cables 
  6. straps 
  7. solid Gimbal zip case
  8. paper works
  9. 1 more set of battery 
  10. stickers
  11. cables carrying zip box
Zhiyun Crane 2 In box content

Verified Customers Reviews 

These are the original reviews of the verified customers of Zhiyun Crane 2. All the reviews are mentioned here are 100% original and these reviews are given after using Zhiyun crane 2 for a period of time. Finalize your decision after reading the reviews of other users.

Top Positive Reviews

Top Critical Reviews

Key Features Of Zhiyun Crane 2

payload of 3.2kg

The Crane 2 sets up a new benchmark for the industry supporting a max. payload of 3.2kg.

Battery Life

18 Hour of Ultra long Battery Life for High-intensity shootings and Phone-charging under emergency.

Real Time Follow Focus

Crane 2 allows ±0.02° precision real time focus control through camera cable connection,

Other Key Features -

  1. POV Mode - Pov mode allows for additional camera movement by providing up to 45 degrees of synchronous motion on the roll axis, what this means is that rather than crane plus keeping the camera level when you roll left or right, pov mode will move with you and roll your camera left or right, up to 45 degrees. please upgrade the firmware of your crane 2 to 1.72 or above.

  2. Instant Precise Control - Integrated with the pioneering 32-bit x 3 high-speed mcu parallel control technology which realizes 100% improvement in respond speed, crane 2 gets high above the industry standard with its cutting-edge attitude compensation system and unparalleled anti-shaking stabilizing performance.
  3. Intuitive OLED Display - The intuitive interface design help you easily identify the connection status, battery level, control mode and multiple camera param, giving you full control over every detail.
  4. Innovative Quick Control Dial - The quick control dial on the control panel is like an integrated extension of your camera. you can either press or rotate the dial to make various camera parameter settings such as tv, av, iso and ev, giving you seamless camera control independently from any software applications.
  5. Slow-fall System - Designed with a slow-fall system for power-off protection,Crane 2 can land down your camera nice and steady avoiding sudden drop when powering off the stabilizer.


All the in and outs of the Zhiyun Crane 2 are now before your eyes. You are the judge of your choice now. The crane 2 gimbal is the choice of many users from all over the world and it can be your companion too. Shoot amazing videos with this gimbal and let us know your experience. If you still don't find crane 2 as your best fit then we have listed top 5 DSLR Gimbals that you can look up to. 

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